Friday, 16 July 2010

St Matthew's Church – Great Barr

The team, from left to right: Tracy Baker, Khoa Nguyen, Vicky Ellerton and Father Simon

"The Church at Great Barr set the college a live project , the brief was to design new curtains for the "Dove Social Club", which is located in the church hall.
A group of seven second year art and design students were given the task of designing the new interiors for the church, students spent one of their yellow weeks designing and sampling with fabrics in the textiles studio, they then presented their work to Father Simon the priest of the church – eventually the winning design was chosen and the choice fell upon the designs of Khoa Nyugen.
Khoa then worked closely with Tracy Baker (textiles lecturer ) and Victoria Ellerton (textiles technician) to adapt his design into a screen print, which would work successfully on the curtains."

Tracy Baker

Initial Design

Khoa Nguyen and Father Simon

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