Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Welcome to Outline!

Today Outline welcomed the next generation of artists and designers for a taster day ahead of the start of their level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, which will start in September. The objective of the day was to give the students the opportunity to 'tell' their stories and introduce themselves to the group using the medium of drawing. At the same time the taster day was designed to give our next generation of students the opportunity to meet fellow learners and to familiarise themselves with their new college environment. The group of over 40 students took part in a series of workshops, as a group they produce a final piece of fine art drawing.

At the beginning there were individual drawings....which later were joined through further sketches and drawings of personal items that the students brought with them.

 A students mapping her journey from home into college...

Students expressing themselves through 'silhouette-drawings'.

Keywords such as 'Heritage', 'Education' and 'Magic' prompted a mind-map.

The students regularly rotated and changed their positions, which led to the creation of a final communal piece of work. 

Outline would like to thank all students that attended today's taster session for their effort and for the fantastic outcomes they produced during the session, it would have not been the same without you! Welcome to Outline!

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