Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hybrid - A Yellow Week Adventure

Twice during each academic year students take part in an off timetable week-long project. The weeks are called 'Yellow Weeks' and students are encouraged to cooperate and work with students from different departments and courses, with the aim to produce outcomes that are shown to an audience at the end of the week. 
During the first Yellow Week of the current academic year, students from our Creative Careers Subsidiary Diploma in Art & Design cooperated with student from the Specialist Careers Extended Diploma in Art & Design. The theme of the week-long activity was 'Hybrid'. Each group of students used different kinds of animals as their inspiration, which they combined to produce their own hybrid species. The week was concluded in an improvised performance in the lecture theatre and a parade through the college that attracted a lot of attention.

 Setting up for an improvised performance, that was watched by all participating staff and students.

 Students and their "Hybrids" during the parade through college.

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