Friday, 14 October 2011

Outline Drawing Event

The images show the latest Outline Drawing Event which took place to coincide with the College Open Evening and not only provided an opportunity for students to participate in what we call...

“Project in a night”

The Event also gave visitors to the Open Event a chance to join in and make some drawings themselves. The main purpose of the event, led by programme manager Ian Andrews, was to show students and visitors not only how to improve their basic drawing skills but also to demonstrate how drawing can be used as a medium for the development of ideas.

The students were asked to produce five A1 drawings starting from observation but which showed certain qualities/visual characteristics/ideas being emphasised and expressed across the sequence of work produced. The pressure was on because the workshop was only 2 hours long and the participants responded wonderfully to the pressure and an amazing number of quality drawings were produced which did indeed show the development of ideas across the sequence of studies.

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