Monday, 7 May 2012

Outline Seminar with Robert Perry RBSA

Since the early 1990's Robert Perry has been travelling across Europe to paint and draw landscapes, which bare the marks of both World Wars. Outline was very pleased to welcome Robert Perry for a seminar about European's brutal past and the artists response to the landscapes as a painter. The seminar was well received by the students, who listened attentively to the speaker and later took it upon themselves to ask Robert Perry questions. Many thanks to all the students and staff, who helped to make the seminar such a great experience. A particular thank you to Amy Reynolds who took all the pictures in this post.

Robert Perry at work in Aveluy Wood, 7th Feb. 2000

Robert Perry - The Somme Battlefields 1914-18, Setting sun in Trenches

Robert Perry - The Somme Battlefields 1914-18, Trenches in Aveluy Wood

Robert Perry brought with him a box full of relics, which he had found or he was given by local farmers during his excursions across Europe.

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