Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Workshop with Robert Perry at Outline

A couple of days after the seminar Robert Perry RBSA came into college to run a day-long workshop with a selected group of art and design students from courses across the art and design department. After the Outline seminar with Robert it became apparent that students wanted to find out more about the great variety of processes and techniques Robert uses in his work. Therefore the workshop with Robert was highly anticipated by our students, as it gave the students the chance to learn from Robert's great wealth of experience as a fine artist and historian.
Robert Perry RBSA during his demonstration of different drawing processes.

After Robert presented his work that he had done at several World War sites across Europe during his Outline seminar, the students used images, newspaper clippings, battle maps and war poetry as inspiration for their own artwork.

Robert Perry RBSA and the group of students during their final critique at the end of the day. 

Many thanks to Robert Perry RBSA, who gave up his time to come in and share his extensive knowledge as a travelling artist with the students. Further images of the student's work can be seen in the next post.

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