Monday, 28 January 2013

Yellow Week 2 - Comenius inspired activity

During the second yellow week the current group of Subsidiary Diploma students are producing work inspired by the theme of the Comenius exchange programme, which is 'food'. Over the next two years students from the department will have the opportunity to visit different countries and cities, with the aim to meet students and to sample the local cuisine. 
Today the students are working in three different groups. Each group is working on a set activity for either a morning or afternoon, before switching over to the next activity. The activities on offer are a large scale drawing, which encourages the students to work large-scale across walls and floors. A sculptural outcome, which encourages students to use wire to create a three-dimensional response. And a relief printing workshop, which requires of the students to first build and then print their own large-scale printing plate, which is made from paper and other found materials.
On Thursday all work produced during the yellow week activities will be showcase in a final exhibition, which will be held at Outline, Sutton Coldfield. 

 Above & below: Wire-sculpture workshop

Above: Students 'translating small-scale models into large scale wire sculptures
 Above & below: Students painting and printing their relief printing plates.

Above: Final group crit

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