Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Student Visit to Bulgaria

The Outline Department has a thriving overseas exchange programme and overseas links organised by lecturer Graham Burquest. This year over 30 students have taken advantage of the various programmes of Leonardo Exchange and Comenius to travel abroad and meet with students from other countries across the world. A special part of the blog is in development to highlight this aspect of the student experience here at Outline.

Iron sculptures in Sozopol

How to avoid the rain in Burgas

Collecting local advertisments

Tasting food served to the elderly and infirm by a charity in Burgas

Traditional Bulgarian choir

Ruins in Nessebar

Beautiful sea gardens in Burgas

Testing out the Black Sea in Burgas

Creating culinary masterpieces 

Traditional textiles in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas

Picking teams for the treasure hunt

Thracian Tomb in Pomorie

Traditional wedding cockerel in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas

Cradle in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas

Meeting all the students in the town hall in Burgas

Traditional Bulgarian food

Collecting our certificates

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