Thursday, 3 April 2014

Repertory Theatre Master Class

The Theatre Arts students from the Subsidiary Diploma Course  attended a three-day masterclass at the Repertory Theatre in Birmingham.

Kayleigh is learning how to create a prosthetic wound using illustrator paints. The Head of Wigs and make-up, Andy Whiteoak, demonstrated the technique and gave valuable advice.

The end result, including fake blood.

Andy demonstrates adding a single human hair to a wig block.(looks a lot easier than it is!!)

A wig made for a production where the character is hit with a hammer and her brain is exposed. An example of Andy's work.

Ageing effect using a paint-on paste.(Difficult to remove!)

Visiting speaker Darren Nevin, an artist based in Birmingham, showed examples of his previous  work, including Doctor Who and the new Star Wars movie.

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