Saturday, 8 March 2014

"Bones Structures." An experimental drawing workshop at OUTLINE.

30 students, 4 Educational facilities from 3 different countries in just 2 hours!

Programme  manager Ian Andrews led the workshop based on the theme of skeletons and bone structures  designed to support the  life drawing sessions that the local students have been studying with us.The students from Sutton Girls and Bishop Vesey were joined by students from the Czech Republic and Finland who are attending the college as part of the Leonardo exchange programme.

Birmingham Metropolitan college's OUTLINE department has a thriving overseas exchange programme where over 30 students each year have the chance to study abroad in a range of countries.

The environmental drawing workshop has been tremendously successful over the last few years and is an ideal collaborative exercise. Students learn not only individual skills in depicting the world around them but have to learn to liaise and cooperate with other students who are drawing nearby making sure their drawings work as individual statements but also as part of a total whole.

This workshop was a privilege and a pleasure to teach, my congratulations to the students involved who many cases had not met prior to the workshop and yet managed to produce a coherent statement connecting three different countries with one visual language!!

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