Monday, 17 March 2014

The West Midlands Lieutenancy "Live" brief.

OUTLINE welcomed back Martin Tunstall from the Lord lieutenant's office to review work produced by visual communication specialists in response to his earlier project brief. Earlier posts show that the original project was a constructed textile/ interior design brief for the offices of the West Midlands lieutenancy but they were so impressed with the dedication of the Foundation students that it was decided to invite visual communication specialists on the Extended Diploma course to respond with print and CAD techniques.

In keeping with  the OUTLINE philosophy of "real" experiences the students had to pitch their ideas to Martin and explain the inspiration behind their print and CAD pieces.

The work involved  digital printing, silk - screen printing and laser cut elements.

As with  the constructed textile pieces, now installed in the West Midlands offices, the print/CAD pieces will be framed and also go on display, giving the students the experience of a real "live" brief, presented to a real client and seen in a prestigious environment.

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