Friday, 7 March 2014

Level 1 2 & 3 Art and Design Mid-Year Exhibition Private View.

Building on from the Induction exhibition in October OUTLINE presents  the mid-year exhibition of level one, two and three students in the OUTLINE Gallery. Parents and invited guests were able to view the work of the students at the mid-year point and the experience gave  the students a chance to further develop their presentation skills for the final exhibition in June.

The students on courses at OUTLINE get far more opportunities to exhibit because of the ethos of the department  to engage in real "live" events as often as possible. Theory is all very well but solving the problems involved in real presentations and exhibitions is far more important and enables you to communicate your ideas to a wider audience.

The above slides show level one and level two student work. The lower slides show Subsidiary Diploma's  yellow week project which will be the subject of a later more detailed post.

Well done to all the students who displayed their work we look forward to seeing your final show in June.

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