Monday, 3 March 2014

Yellow Week at Outline for Subsidiary Diploma.

Animals came to Outline in "Yellow week" for first year Subsidiary Diploma students. 

This year the Yellow Week focused on the use of animal forms as the inspiration for our now famous  experimental  workshops where the normal timetable is collapsed to enable students to undertake more ambitious and experimental activities.

The study of animal forms, their internal organs and bone structure, is a well-established historical theme in art and design, also reflected in a great deal of contemporary Art. The first year students took inspiration from the study of animals to produce a series of environmental drawings, simple relief prints, wire sculptures based on continuous line drawings and larger drawings inspired by projections of the wire sculptures.

The idea of transforming a starting point was the crucial consideration for this project. The students  were encouraged to draw realistically in some studios but then transform their starting points into simple line drawings which themselves were translated into sculptures which are then reinterpreted as large projection drawings.This journey of transformation is crucial to being creative in art and design.


Look out for later posts showing the private view of the work when it was displayed in the gallery space.

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